Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coming Soon - The Theme Park!

Coming October 1st!

The Theme Park is a unique new outdoor shopping experience from the owners of Embody Shapes & Poses.  Designed as an upscale, urban seaside park, The Theme Park isn't just a place to shop.  It's a place to grab a coffee, choose a bench, and listen to the surf and the songbirds.  We've made it a nice place to be, and a great place to shop.

The Theme Park runs two themed sales events each month, starting on the 1st and the 15th.  For each edition, every participating creator will have at least one item that's priced at L$150 or less AND is at least 50% off the regular price.

If you want us to let you know about upcoming themes, news and events, you can join our subscriber group from the sign that gave you this notecard or by clicking a joiner at the park itself.

Please Note: The park is closed for 12 hours on the 14th and last days of each month to prepare for the new edition.  If you're trying to get to us at one of those times, please come and see us tomorrow!

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